Aniruddh, the laid back one, calls himself an over-the-hill-preacher and has an opinion on everything. The wisdom sort of cascades into an ‘I’m-too-cool-for-my-own-good’ kinda attitude you know (kidding! We love him!). A Production Engineer by accident and an Operations Management graduate by choice, he’s the man at helm of operations work that keeps Jonky ticking day-in and day-out. Doesn’t play anything, but he appreciates good music and just-about manages to savour his drinks.

Nikhil, the smooth talker, can talk you into anything! This go-getter and painfully practical guy is a Production Engineer by accident and an MBA by choice. Being a sales and marketing wizard, it’s his magic behind all our teasing sales promotions and the tantalizing marketing. Nikhil loves regaling his audience with his annoying music and has decent appetite for good booze.

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Samir, the cool guy on the team, holds an MBA degree. He has an unbelievably friendly personality (kinda hard to digest ;)). He is the god of everything that is graphics, art work-based, and publishing-related stuff required to run our awesome brewery. A jack-of-everything when it comes to playing music, he enjoys his drinks and of course our brews.

Atul, the brain behind all the ridiculously complex brewing processes churning out the yum beers.He’s a Chemical Engineer by choice and our designated money manager keeping the company afloat. A straight-shooter and an oh-so-nice guy, he always ends up being our sounding board. He loves his music and his drinks, when in good company, meaning “our good company”.